How to find UDID of your iphone without installing any third party app on Mac M1 or Mac M2

 Ever wondered on how to check the UDID of your iphone without installing any third party app in a mac using Apple Silicon chip? Here are the steps you should follow: Connect your iphone with USB Open Apple Music app and you should see your device there Next, click on the iphone label and you should see the UDID

Azure API Management - Using Client IP Address as the Counter Key for Rate Limiting Policies

Hey friends, How are you all?

Today, I am going to share how we can implement Rate Limit Policies and Counter by Client IP Address.

So, let's understand the problem first:


  • We need to implement Rate Limit Policy by Client IP Address on Azure API Management. I followed this article first of all and found that I can use the following piece of code.

  • There was a second problem for me as the requests were coming through cloudflare and hence the client IP address was not available in context.Request.IpAddress

  • I was getting IPAddress as in the app insights which is right as per GDPR, I used this link to confirm the client IP address in the pre-prod environments in App Insights.
  • I found that CloudFlare exposes the Client IP Address in the X-Forwarded-For or True-Client-IP Header to expose the client IP Address. Check out the details here.
  • I followed this link to strengethen my understanding on how to use Policy Expressions
  • The final piece: Ultimately, I used the following piece to counter by Client IP Address

Notice, the code in the counter-key, it is prettymuch C# in the razor block. For a single line statement, you can use @() and for multi-line statements, you can use Happy Coding!!!