Learn Azure Service Bus in 10 minutes in Hindi

 Recently, I created a video on youtube which talks about: Creating Azure Service Bus in Microsoft Azure Cloud Understanding the difference between Basic and Standard Tier Understanding the difference between Topics and Queues Creating a Queue Sending a message on Queue Peek a message and learn how many messages can be peeked Receive a message Check out this Video. Happy Learning :)

Summing up Azure DevOps Community Launch Mohali 2019

It was a great day! 
We have had "Azure DevOps Community Launch Event Mohali 2019" today at Technossus.
I am taking this opportunity to sum up the event in this post.

The event started with a keynote session where Gaurav Madaan (It's Me :)) shared with the audience about what is DevOps and what is Azure DevOps. He further talked about the event schedule, the sessions that we were going to have and gave a navigation walk through on the Azure DevOps Portal from summary, dashboard to all the way through artifacts. He shared that anyone can follow on respective DevOps Blog, DevOps forum and can follow @AzureDevOps on twitter.

Here are the sessions that we had:

  1. Plan well with Azure Boards: Sunny Setia talked about Azure Boards. He described very beautifully by giving the analogy of Indian Mothers, how they make the entire list of requirements and distributes the work among the family members. He talked about KANBAN and Scrum methodologies, planning with Azure Boards, creating custom project template, custom work item states and the estimation of stories using POKER cards.
  2. ABC of Azure Repos: The speaker of the session was Nitin Verma shared the stories of his journey as a developer in past 9 years and the transitions of copying code on to a network location to TFS and then to Git. He provided the knowledge on how valuable it is to review the code using pull requests and demonstrated how easy and rich experience it is with Azure DevOps. He talked about gitignore, forking and cloning of repositories and providing rich comments on the PR(s).
  3. Pump up with Azure Pipelines: The variable character Varun Chauhan aka @mvarchar described that Azure Pipelines is the heart of Azure DevOps and comprehensively pumped the session with demonstrations of continuous intergration, continuous deployments and approvals at different release stages.
  4. Azure DevOps + AWS: The CTO of ginvoicing.com Tarun Jangra helped every one understand that one can develop for any platform and deploy to any cloud. He pulled the Jekyll image from docker and build the application using Azure Pipelines and deployed it on AWS S3 bucket. 
  5. Azure Test Plans: The QA girl Simanpreet Kaur gave an awesome session on Azure Test Plans. She talked about manual and exploratory testing, creating test plans, test suites and used test and feedback session for demonstrating how easy it is capture screens, audio and video while testing and creating a bug with ease gives the developers the complete diagnostics so that they can reproduce it easily. 
  6. Azure Key Vault integration with Azure DevOps: Jasjit Chopra helped every one understanding the importance of security and compliance and described how easy it is to integrate Azure KeyVault with Azure DevOps while doing an Azure App Service Deployment. He also enlightened the minds for thinking deep on implementing Security in Depth concepts.
  7. Integrating Azure Pipelines with GitHub: Gaurav Madaan described about how beautifully Microsoft is embracing the open source since 2012 and shared that TypeScript, VSCode, .Net Core and shared that Microsoft has made Azure Pipelines available for GitHub and that too unlimited minutes of build for open source projects. He also shared that Microsoft is using Azure DevOps in it's internal engineering processes and does almost 78K deployments a day. He demoed on installing Azure Pipelines for GitHub repositories, building with pipelines, how Azure Pipelines provides the recommendation on build tasks when choosing repository from GitHub and using service hooks like posting messages on slack for activities like build and work item creation or updation.
All the sessions were very interactive and the audience asked queries and some engineers shared their knowledge on how they were doing something similar using other products. The subway meal(s) lunch was sponsored by Microsoft. The speakers asked for feedback and encouraged for spreading the awareness on the social platforms.

At the end of the event, there were some rewards, swag and t-shirts were distributed and the lucky winner(s) of raffle Sunny Vohra and Amarinder Pal Singh got Google Home Mini (Sponsored by Technossus).

Great Thanks to one and all who helped in organizing the event and to the speakers. Thanks to Microsoft for the meals and all the support, Technossus for sponsoring raffle, breakfast and providing all the logistics and MVP Jasjit Chopra for his continuous support and guidance.

So, here is the link for providing feedback. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/azuredevopscommunity

What next?