Learn Azure Service Bus in 10 minutes in Hindi

 Recently, I created a video on youtube which talks about: Creating Azure Service Bus in Microsoft Azure Cloud Understanding the difference between Basic and Standard Tier Understanding the difference between Topics and Queues Creating a Queue Sending a message on Queue Peek a message and learn how many messages can be peeked Receive a message Check out this Video. Happy Learning :)

Resolved: SSL Certificate Problem: unable to get local issuer certificate when doing Woocommerce Integration

 Hey Friends,

In this blog, I am going to share how I solved SSL Certificate problem on my local environment of php when I was doing a woocommerce integration.

I am talking about Woocommerce only, however, the concept is same when you want to connect with any api which is using https


  1. I have a website based on Wordpress using Woocommerce using https
  2. I need to populate the products from the website on my custom application and hence I was using local php environment.
  3. I was using WAMP for the development purposes.
  4. I was following Woocommerce Rest API documentation to do the development
  5. I got the error "unable to get local issuer certificate"

  1. Download cacert.pem from the official curl website 
  2. Open php ssl folder and place the cert there. In my case it was:
  3. If you use different version of php development server, make sure you place the file in the correct folder. Check  php version with command
    php --version
  4. Open php.ini file and look for openssl.cafile and add the path of your certificate
  5. Restart Apache/WAMP and if you are using VSCode terminal, simply restart VSCode
  6. Yay! your problem should be solved.
Happy Coding!!!