How to find UDID of your iphone without installing any third party app on Mac M1 or Mac M2

 Ever wondered on how to check the UDID of your iphone without installing any third party app in a mac using Apple Silicon chip? Here are the steps you should follow: Connect your iphone with USB Open Apple Music app and you should see your device there Next, click on the iphone label and you should see the UDID

Choosing the right Azure Service

Microsoft Azure has a blend of services.

Have you ever got questions like the below, when building a brand new application that is cloud-ready or migrating your workloads to Cloud?

  1. There are so many services, which service would be the best for you?
  2. or how should I choose the Azure Service for my new application?
  3. How should I decide whether to use Azure Functions or Azure App Service or Azure Kubernetes Service?
  4. Can I migrate my workloads as is to Azure? Should I create VM or use App Service?
  5. Can I host JAVA-based apps on Azure
  6. ... and so on
If you have similar questions in your mind and you want to decide on which service you should be using that fits your needs, I want to share that here is a wonderful infographic to help you make decisions. Here is the link

I have also given an overview of the infographic in a video here: