How to generate angular clients using dotnet core?

 Problem: I wanted to generate angular clients using .net core API Solution: Refer to generate openapi v3 compatible JSON Refer to generate angular clients.

Learning Azure Cloud as a developer

Hey friends, In this blog I am going to share the Azure Cloud topics that I have been talking about and shared with my team as per our client's needs.
I am sharing those topics that we have learned as a team. 

  1. Understanding Cloud Computing
  2. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS,
  3. Creating a Resource Group
  4. Using Azure Logic Apps
  5. Azure CLI Introduction
  6. Using Azure Key Vault
  7. Connecting to KeyVault using .Net Core
  8. Connecting to KeyVault using .NodeJs
  9. Creating a Storage Blob
  10. Connecting to Azure Storage Blob using .Net Core
  11. Connecting to Storage Blob using nodejs
  12. Creating a function app
  13. Using Azure Functions CLI
  14. Creating .Net and nodejs based Azure Functions
  15. How to create an Azure App Service
  16. How to integrate Application Insights
  17. Cosmos DB introduction
  18. Understanding Messaging Services
    1. Event Hubs
    2. Event Grid
    3. Service Bus
    4. Azure Storage Queue
  19. Creating a full-fledged Serverless App that uses:
    1. Azure Functions
    2. Application Insights
    3. Storage blob
    4. Application Insights
    5. CosmosDB
    6. Messaging Service
I'll be posting the knowledge shared with the team in the upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!