How to generate angular clients using dotnet core?

 Problem: I wanted to generate angular clients using .net core API Solution: Refer to generate openapi v3 compatible JSON Refer to generate angular clients.

RESOLVED: CORS issue on ionic Mobile App ios


I was working on a project in which I was developing an ionic application which needed to access a Website URL hosted on Azure App Service.

The app was unable to connect and was throwing CORS issue. When I debugged using xcode, I found that the request is being made by the url capacitor://localhost and when I tried adding the same in Azure App Service, this was not allowed:


I used azure cli to add the cors url. For this:

  1. In case, you are not having azure cli, download it here:
  2. Run command:
    az login
  3. Run the following command to add url: 
az webapp cors add --allowed-origins capacitor://localhost --name MyAppService --resource-group MyResourceGroup 

Happy Coding.